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Everything Start with Your Thoughts, If You Can Talk Yourself Out of Something… The Opposite Also Applies and I will Teach You How To Use Your Thoughts to Transform Your Life

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Hello, I am Marjolyn Noble, founder and creator of Ease Meditation Online. It is my absolutely pleasure to be sharing with you my perspective on meditation and other metaphysical interests.

These insights have been gathered over a 20 year period from various teachers, books and life experiences.

I am a qualified Life & Intuitive Coach with a passion in all things spiritual, be it Law of Attraction, Meditation, Reiki Healing and Positive Mindset.

You can convince yourself why you can’t do something, and you will certainly get your evidence to prove yourself right Well here’s the magic in this, if you can talk yourself out of something, the opposite also applies …. it all starts with your thoughts.

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